The very best of today will be developed into tomorrow's standard.

Regardless of what component you add to a passive Fiber Optic Network, its function is never better than the connection allows.

The connection depends on connector-components and the termination process.

The heart of any Fiber Optic connector is the ferrule.

TBS / SNET has chosen to produce own Zr02 ferrules with superior quality in order to ensure the extreme quality we propose our chosen customer.

The manufacturing-and measuring-equipment is the best available and is constantly updated as Fiber Optics is a pretty young business where the speed of development still is high.

Other connector-components are licensed or developed in cooperation with the licence and/or our customers.

The process of terminating connectors has to be tuned in order to reach our target of supplying the best there is.

Even though our employees are skilled and have long experience we continuously run training programs to educate and test all of them to hone their ability and know-how toward the extreme.

By taking the measures as per above TBS / SNET has the confidence to develop and supply materials today at specifications of tomorrow.

Contact our Asian or European Sales Offices to discuss the future of Fiber Optics.

ESG Management

To achieve sustainable growth and development with customers, suppliers, and local communities, Shinhan Networks is committed to practicing substantial ESG management by establishing the following 3P strategies:

- Promote ESG management that will lead to better life environment and sustainable business.

- Pursue year based ESG plan step-by-step and consistently by improving and strengthening workplace environment, community relation, and transparent management.

- Practice substantial goals through 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycling), volunteering local communities, expansion of employee welfare, creation of ESG committee.


Established the smart factory

(Hyundai Motor Company)

Certification of advanced technology enterprise

(Research and Development Special Zone)

Received excellent SME award from Gwangju

Metropolitan City


Selected as an excellent company for job creation

Selected as a promising export small and medium enterprise

Selected as an excellent employer

Selected as a prestige hidden champion


Certification of standard workplace for the disabled

Recertification of |NNO-BIZ

Recertification of |SO 9001, and 14001


Established Splitter Packaging line

Established adapter automation facility

Established Interferometer facility


Developed optical transceiver module for vessel

Developed POF home network technology

Established FA line

 Established PLC Splitter bonding line


Completed development of ABF routing equipment for FTTH

Established the laboratory affiliated with the company

(Optical Network Laboratory)

Certification of venture business

Certification of INNO-BIZ


Opened new office building (October)

Designated as the military service exception firm

(specialized researchers)

Developed optical connector for vessel


Concluded MOU with Tongying Cable Limited of China

Developed Auto Epoxy filler

Developed Auto Ferrule Array System

Developed 12-channel MPO connector instrumentation system

Certification of CLEAN workplace


Developed high-power optical isolator technology

Developed POF Transceiver technology for car optical network


Certification of the company specialized in parts and materials

Developed POF coupler for car network

Developed photoelectric connector for car

Developed PCSF Splitter technology


Introduced Ferrule automatic grinding system 

(4,000 units/day)

Certification of quality management system(ISO 9001)

Selected as venture business

Certification of environmental system (ISO 14001)


Established FNN Co., Ltd.

Produced passive element for optical commnuications


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